Rin Kelly

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“Just as we are forced to contend with a civilization on laughing gas that insists what we’re breathing is our natural air, my characters are born with dignity whose dignity, at birth, is denied.”

                                                         ~Rin Kelly


“…my cala lilies will end up an ornament in the thick curls of a proud mother’s hair.”           

“The Bentweed Boys”  


“The subtler cruelty comes in the long-term effects of speculation and copycat-baiting; of simplification and assumption and shallow debate…”

          “Do Media Vultures Perpetuate Mass Shootings?” 


“The most beautiful things are the things that have been broken and put back together. I heard someone say that once, and I wrote it down, because I am a broken thing…I have not put myself back together alone. I have been borne on the backs of the beautiful. They were broken, too, but that’s why they knew how to carry me.”        



There’s this type of sad where you feel like your heart is too big and life’s meaning is almost in your grasp, like you didn’t know you were frozen but suddenly you’re thawing and awake more than ever to being this amazing, doomed thing, and every little thing feels so profound.

         excerpt from The Bright and Holo Sky


“By the end she’d always be calling on us to rise and fight and find our oneness again…though not “again” really, because we were never all one.”           

“The Best-Known Unknown People Who Maybe Drew Breath Upon the Planet”