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Rin Kelly was a creative writer, journalist, and photojournalist.  Her creative pieces have appeared in The Kenyon Review, The Fabulist, Green Hills Literary Lantern, Penumbric, Hobart Pulp, No Contact, Panhandler Magazine, The Courtship of Winds, and Contemporary Magazine.  Her stories have also been published in Breakwater Review and Steam Ticket. One of her stories was shortlisted for a Pushcart Prize for 2021. A collection of her short stories,  Into the Laughing Gas World, was published in 2023.   It received an impressive appraisal by Kirkus Reviews.  Her completed novel, The Bright and Holo Sky,  is currently being prepared for publication.  Her manuscript is a speculative fiction piece. The work is dedicated to Rin’s life partner, Tony Bar.

Rin was invited to read at San Francisco LitQuake, Bang! Bang! Gun Amok in Manhattan, the Writers with Drinks series, Book Passage, The Tattered Cover, Oakland’s Diesel, and other venues. She studied fiction writing with Heddie Jones at the New School in New York City and took classes at the Writers Grotto in San Francisco where a scholarship has been established in her name.

In addition to her fiction writing, she was a fellow of the Stabile Center at Columbia School of Journalism and was a film/culture editor for LA RECORD.  Her investigative reporting and features have appeared in Salon. Aquarium Drunkard, and in newspapers in New York,  Washington D.C., Denver, and the Bay Area.

It was Rin’s wish that her writing continue to be shared with the world.